Grand Tour of the Séminaire

Delve into the History of a great institution

Accompanied by guide-interpreters, visit places usually closed to the public that evoke over 350 years of history.
Date 2019-09-15T00:00:00
De 2019-09-03T14:00:00 à 2019-09-03T15:00:00
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Autres informations Durée : 60 minutes
Lieux : MAF-Pavillon d'accueil
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Departure from Musée de l'Amérique francophone, 2 côte de la Fabrique*

Wander through nearly four centuries of history when you visit the Séminaire de Québec site. Relive key events and discover places usually closed to the general public!

The Grand Tour of the Seminary is a guided visit of the different parts of the Séminaire de Québec site. It has three objectives:

  • Introduce visitors to the history and vocation of the Séminaire de Québec site
  • Offer special access to places usually closed to the general public
  • Present the everyday life of students who attended the Seminary

This tour starts in Pavillon Guillaume-Couillard and continues in the exterior chapel. Visitors then go to the Seminary's courtyard to look at the unique architecture of the buildings. The tour then continues inside the buildings, with a visit to the wings of the Congregation, the Parlours and the Procure. In these history-steeped locations, visitors can tour Chapelle de la Congrégation and the magnificent private chapel of Monseigneur Briand. They then go down into the vaults of the Procure wing, discovering the kitchen of Monseigneur de Laval along the way. Next, visitors take an exit leading to the courtyard for older students, which has an excellent view of Pavillon Camille-Roy, Université Laval's first building.

Finally, visitors cross the gardens of the Seminary to Pavillon Jérôme-Demers where, to top off their tour, they can visit the exhibitions of Musée de l'Amérique française: Temporary exhibitions, The Rediscovered Colony, On the Road: The Francophone Odyssey.

*Not adapted to people with reduced mobily. If no one shows up for the visit in the language announced, the guide-interpreter will wait 5 minutes, then offer the tour in another language.